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Here are some ideas for your future site that we can offer you:

1. Create an interactive virtual tour of the church, allowing visitors to explore its architecture and history.
2. Create an online prayer request system where people can submit their requests and receive timely responses.
3. Create an online platform for church members to share their stories and experiences with each other.
4. Develop a mobile app for church members to easily access church information, events, and services.
5. Create an online donation platform to allow members to easily give to the church.
6. Develop an online library of religious books and other resources for members to access.
7. Create an online platform for church members to connect with each other and share their faith journeys.
8. Create online courses and webinars to educate church members about various topics related to faith and religion.
9. Develop an online platform for members to easily access church events and services.
10. Create an online platform to allow church members to engage in meaningful conversations about faith and life.

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